Body to Body Massage

Tantra massage is an art of sensual massage based on the principles of Tantra, an ancient spiritual tradition. During a tantra massage, the focus is on awakening and harmonizing the sensual energy in the body, while at the same time creating a deep connection between body, mind and soul. During a Tantra massage, the entire body is involved with gentle touches, strokes and sensual massage techniques. Breathing techniques are used to direct and harmonize the energy in the body. The goal is to promote deep relaxation, heightened sensory awareness, and spiritual connection. It is important to note that professional tantric massage practitioners create a safe and respectful environment in which the recipient of the massage can feel comfortable and relaxed. Tantric massages traditionally do not involve sexual acts, but a "happy ending" is guaranteed!

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Erotic massage

This offer creates an active contact between masseuse and our guests. Mutual SEX MASSAGE and various massage techniques ignite a firework of sexual energy from dropping initially relaxed to an intense sexual experience, the offer awakens pleasure and leads to a fantastic climax, of course, with protection.


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