FAQ Tantra Massage

1. What is a tantra massage?

A tantra massage is a sensual and holistic experience based on the principles of tantra and promotes a deep connection between body, mind and soul.

2. Is a tantra massage different from conventional massage techniques?

Yes, a tantra massage focuses on the development of sensual energy, spiritual connection and holistic well-being, as opposed to purely physical relaxation.

3. Does a tantra massage offer sexual services?

No, professional tantra massage practitioners do not offer sexual services. The massage focuses on sensory and spiritual experiences, without sexual interaction.

4. How does a tantra massage work?

A tantra massage includes mindful touches, breathing techniques and, if necessary, meditation to promote a deep connection and holistic relaxation.

5. What preparations should be made before a tantra massage?

Before a tantra massage, a preparatory conversation is often held to clarify preferences, concerns and expectations. It is important to inform yourself in advance about the practices and ethical guidelines of the provider.